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Democrats Weigh Carbon Tax After Manchin Rejects Key Climate Provision
Democrats Work to Sell an Unfinished Bill
American Missionaries Kidnapped in Haiti, Officials Say
Robert Durst Tests Positive for Covid and Is Placed on Ventilator
They Resisted Vaccines. Here's Why They Changed Their Minds.

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‘Requires seamless performance’ Kate is prevented from doing one simple everyday function
Dogs trapped by the La Palma volcano lava await rescue via drones - '15 days' without food
‘No idea how they did this!’ US fear after China tests nuclear-capable hypersonic missile
Priti Patel says MPs will continue meeting public: 'We live in a democracy'
Terrorism suspect being held by police over murder of Sir David Amess named Ali Harbi Ali

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The Perils of Political Foot-in-Mouth Disease
Evidence Undercuts McAuliffe's Lie About Virginia Schools
Can Congressional Leaders & Biden Turn the Ship Around?
Democrats' Irrational Covid Mandate Regime
How Trump Will Hurt Republican Chances in 2022

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Florida ‘vaccine passport’ law could generate millions in fines, but confusion about it reigns
Parkland gunman will plead guilty to all 34 charges in 2018 Stoneman Douglas school shooting
Report: Pulse gunman’s widow Noor Salman says she was victim too
Florida reports 1,192 COVID deaths, over 19,519 cases this week
Median home price in Orlando drops for first time in nearly a year, report finds

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STUNNING Close-Up VIDEO Shows Shootout With Violent Mexican Drug Cartel…Is This The Violent America “Open Borders” Democrats Are Trying To Create?
“That’s What the Government Is Doing, It Wants to Intimidate Parents” – Professor Nicholas Giordano with Steve Malzberg on ‘Eat the Press’
Washington State Trooper Fired Over COVID Vaccine Mandate Has Final Signoff Message: “Jay Inslee Can Kiss My A**”
“Defund the Media!” – Anti-Vax Mandate Protesters Gather Outside New York Times Building (VIDEO)
President Trump Wants Former US Representative Sean Duffy to Run for Wisconsin Governor

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No pot to pee in: Man stuck in traffic has to go, calls 911 for help
Brian Laundrie’s dad emerges to rip down protest sign from front yard
Bill Clinton expected to be released from hospital Sunday
Man who repeatedly broke into his old house shot dead by new homeowners
Alex Murdaugh coordinated to sue himself with family of dead maid

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